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Gan Moondark


Written By:Donald E. McQuinn - 1990

  • Warrior - Donald E. McQuinn cover


The story of Gan Moondark of the Dog People and the nation he forged in the post-apocalyptic Northwest

For centuries the proud Dog People had roamed with their horses across the grassy plains and fir-clad hills of the Northwest. Then, when their strength was at its greatest, their domed tents filled the valleys, and their herds were large beyond counting, the Dogs turned their bows on one another in a struggle over who would become War Chief after Col Moondark. Hunted by vengeful warriors, a handful of refugees fled the land of the Dogs, led by Gan Moondark, Col's gifted son.

But not so far away events were taking place that would soon overshadow the concerns of the Dogs: where Seattle and Tacoma had once stood, a new empire was being carved from the wilderness. Old alliances daily died untimely deaths, and the ancient Church did losing battle with a mad ruler bend on bloody conquest.

Only Gan Moondark, formerly of the Dog People, had the vision and ability to hold the madman in check. But he lacked the power...


The first hours on horseback with the Dog People went quickly for Major Tate. They wandered past immense herds of longhorned cattle, beasts that made her think of history books and cowboys. Once, a territorial bull made a bellowing, bluff charge at them. Tate swiveled the flechette rifle quickly, chambering a round. When Gan saw her expression and readiness, he nodded soberly, drawing his finger across his throat.

A subgroup of cattle broke into a bawling stampede. Tate rose in her stirrups to see a tiger overhaul a yearling calf. They went down together in a swirl of dust.

Turning away, Tate was dumbfounded to see the rest of the herd grazing again. And of the entire group of savages, only Sylah spared more than a glance in the direction of the kill.

The incident was an insight into more than the harshness of the land. It revealed the core of her new companions.

They understood survival.

They understood predation.

If she and Jones were to survive, learning by itself wouldn't save them; they must understand.


"Terrific, the kind of exciting, involving tale that keeps you up nights... Warrior is a book that deserves to be read." —Terry Brooks

"An impressive debut... McQuinn builds a convincing world and fills it with believable characters [and] superior actions scenes." —Chicago Sun-Times

"WARRIOR weaves a fascinating tale of post-nuclear culture made chillingly real by its rich detailing of an emerging situation." —John Saul Author of Sleepwalk




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