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Gather Darkness!

Written By:Fritz Leiber - 1943

  • Gather  Darkness! - Fritz Leiber cover
  • Gather  Darkness! - Fritz Leiber cover

    Collier - 1992


A epic struggle between science and magic...

Revolt of the Dark Man

Brother Jarles was afraid. Everyone was afraid. The power base of the false religion was crumbling as its scientific miracles proved to be fakes. Now mankind was in the depths of a new dark age, but the priests could offer no hope. Angels and devils warred in the skies, and the witches were stirring up new and terrible marvels. So Brother Jarles turned to the Dark Man, with a last faint hope in his renegade heart.

There was no haven for him in this future world locked in turmoil between decadent science and what seemed to be resurgent superstition. Jarles was essentially a simple man, but there were no simple answers. Even the Great God of the temple was no longer safe.

Then the great warships began to land from Heaven...

Collier - 1992

The Age of the Great God

This fascinating science fiction thriller is set 360 years after the dawn of the Atomic Age, when a nuclear holocaust has thrown civilization into a chaos of superstition and religious persecution. As in the Middle Ages, the common people are kept ignorant and ill-fed, buffeted by forces beyond their comprehension.

This new dark age is dominated by a high-tech priesthood that hoards the last remnants of age-old technology, using it to exert power over an oppressed populace.

But like any dictatorship, the Hierarchy of the Great God has its enemies. Witchcraft is on the rise, as the minions of Sathanas plot to wreak havoc upon the priestly overlords.

Between Church and Witches comes Brother Armon Jarles, a young priest who dares to doubt the church orthodoxy. He doesn't know it, but he is about to play a pivotal role in a new Holy War as the witches make ready to... gather, darkness


The Preversion of Science

The haunted house glowed, flared, writhed, melted. The four priests on the knoll had finally received orders to get their war blast into action.

But its smoky red flare was more suggestive of hell than heaven, and from the crowd beyond came screams of agony.

Each narrow street was jammed by fear-crazy, fleeing commoners. Others were seeking to scramble onto the roofs of surrounding houses.

The haunted house collapsed, ceased to be.

But from the flaming, heat-blasted ruins rose a shuddering, triumphant laughter!

Collier - 1992

"This Place is Evil!"

The young priest cried out in a great voice. "It is offensive to the nostrils of the Great God. Tremble, Sathanas! Cower, ye fiends! For, lo, I inscribe here the brand of the Hieracrchy!"

He pointed a rod of wrath at the doorway. With a blazing violet beam, he traced a burning circle above the doorway.

He thrust in his head to peer inside. The opening instantly sagged tight around his neck, leaving him struggling. The three other priests who were there to help him tugged and pushed him, pried at the doorway.

The wall gave slightly, then the door opened wide by itself. The priest who had been trapped darted in. The door shut behind him. The house began to shake. Its slack walls tightened, bulged.

An upper window dilated and through it they young priest was ejected, as if the house had tasted him and spat him out. Halfway down he exerted his inviolability, so that his fall was slowed. He bounced gently.

His face burned with humiliation, but he was more afraid than embarrassed. This was truly a house haunted by the devil. The most potent devil of all, the high-tech devil of Golden Age technology.


Collier - 1992

"A master... the prose should be savored." —Locus

"A Fritz Leiber book is a real delight." —Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of The Mists of Avalon