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Golden Days

Written By:Carolyn See - 1986

  • Golden Days - Carolyn See cover


At 38, Edith Langley starts over in Los Angeles, with two bad marriages behind her, two daughers beside her, and the notion that money is power. She's soon a financial advisor, dressing only in natural fabrics and buying gems and gold for the future. But Edith is a woman in a man's world, as See makes abundantly clear. Older financier Howard "Skip" Chandler, who becomes Edith's friend, housemate, and eventual lover, puts together the money for a bank and makes her its president. Young con man-evangelist Lion Boyce (whom she meets on assignment for her financial column) spouts a powerful brand of positive thinking that changes Edith's life. There are "golden days" among the rich and powerful, until nuclear disaster occurs (also courtesy of men).