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The Green Gods

Written By:C J Cherryh - 1980

  • The Green Gods  - C J Cherryh cover


The long-threatened "greenhouse effect" which scientists have been predicting as a possible outcome of the world's atmosphere crisis was anticipated years ago in this novel by the talented Nathalie and Charles Henneberg. This award-winning husband and wife team have long been regarded as the "A. Merritt" of France because of the color and high fantasy of their concepts.

Here is the world beneath the greenhouse sky, where vegetation has evolved into huge and intelligent species and where humanity finds itself, after its own disasters, reduced more and more to servants of these Green Gods and forseeing their own extinction. Only the daring sea prince Aran and the puppet queen Atlena stand against doomsday... and this is their surprising adventure.


The high priest. Peyotl-A, had the proportions of a great world globe. Twelve humans lowered his chair to the ground. Eyeless, mouthless, he was yet in full communication with the universe, and Uxmal received the overwhelming thought which came from this gently swaying monster.

Behold the end of the human gods. A new age is beginning.

"That of the green gods, is it?"

What matters the form which clothes the spirit?

"Spirit?" asked the regent. "Have you a mental dimension like ours? Or a moral one?"

The global answered. We have waited so long, all these ages. Now our hour is at hand. And think of it; nothing can stop us. Not even a being of your flesh and blood.

Man's destiny is sealed. What power can you set against the cycles of destiny? What hero, what god? The last of them is dead, with Hellemar. Where will come this help for the human species?


Translated into English by the Hugo-winning American writer, C.J. Cherryh, readers will find THE GREEN GODS combines much that is reminiscent not only of A. Merritt but also of C.S. Lewis, Clark Ashton Smith and Michael Moorcock.