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Written By:Brian Aldiss - 1964

  • Greybeard - Brian Aldiss cover


The day after Disaster had finally come. "An Accident," they called it, but what they meant was: "the end of humankind." Radiation was the executioner in a world where starvation was a way of life, where once-friendly small towns became hostile armed camps, where disease thinned the ranks of humanity and mutations tranformed the creatures of Earth.

But into this world came Greybeard. A child when the radiation swept the world, a born survivor, he became a man with a mission that would make him a legend. Greybeard, the last preserver of civilization in a world gone mad... Greybeard fighting desperately to find and save the last, lost hope of all humankind—the children!



Of their patrol only two survived, Greybeard and Charley. Greybeard was carrying the child they'd found, leading the way. Suddenly he stopped. "We've got visitors, Charley."

The sudden chatter of a machine gun sent Greybeard and Charley flat, the child rolling to the side as they fell.

As Greybeard spotted the enemy, Charley was already assembling their weapon, ready to defend against any odds the most precious treasure the world still held—a living breathing child!


"A truly impressive achievement" —Kingsley Amis

"Top-flight adventure... an absorbing story." —August Derieth, The Capital Times