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Guardians, The

Armageddon Run

Written By:Richard Austin - 1986

  • Armageddon Run - Richard Austin cover


A Flight Through Desolation:

The one-day war left a trail of carnage and mayhem across a crippled America. The Guardians emerged from the ashes--a high-tech four-man team, armed and trained to carry out a top-secret U.S. recovery plan.

But the Heartland Complex, once the seat of government for a shattered United States, has been infiltrated and destroyed. The Blueprint for Renewal is gone--with only jagged pieces lieft intact. The President of the United States, however, is still alive. And the Guardians have an impossible mission on their hands: Find a safe haven for the President and rebuild a central control base for the reconstruction project.

It's a grim task-even for the Guardians. The post-nuclear rubble is crawling with warring gangs and rebel factions, battling for control of the chaotic aftermath of Armageddon. It's a fight through Hell-with little hope...and no escape.




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