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Guardians, The

Brute Force

Written By:Richard Austin - 1986

  • Brute Force - Richard Austin cover


From the ashes of World War III rose the Guardians. Their mission: put the U.S.A. back on the map as a democracy. Now rumors of a new inexhaustible energy supply have surfaced. Developed by the U.S. before the war, whoever finds the secret base can seize control. But neither the freedom-fighting Guardians nor the vicious assassin's of the FSE's occupying forces know where the base is located.

Intelligence sources place the facility in the Louisiana bayous. And soon the swamps are infested with hard-bitten FSE troops, renegade Cuban soldiers, and a merciless band of survivors who take pleasure in creating deadly mayhem for all sides. For the Guardians, it's a brute-force showdown...




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