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Guardians, The

Death from Above

Written By:Richard Austin - 1990

  • Death from Above - Richard Austin cover


Blazing Death From Space:

Emerging from the nuclear holocaust of World War III come the Guardians-America's last line of defense against world domination by the Federated States of Europe. They're a handpicked unit of four men trained to handle any threat...almost any threat.

No one, not even President MacGregor, expected the attack on the Oribital Station. Now the station's laser weaponry has been activated and the enemy has the ultimate blackmail tool. The Guardians have their most challenging mission yet, tougher than any search-and-destroy. President MacGregor wants his toy back-in one piece.

But McKay and the boys will be lucky to get to the station in one piece-because the President's top advisor has sent out a nationwide message: Stop the Guardians at any cost!




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