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Guardians, The

Thunder of Hell

Written By:Richard Austin - 1985

  • Thunder of Hell - Richard Austin cover


Two months after the one-day war, America is still in the grip of anarchy. The cities are in ruin and the countryside belongs to the scavengers and cannibals.

The job of the Guardians, the crack four-man team armed with space-age weaponry, is to put into action the Blueprint for Renewal, the top-secret contingency plan devised before the holocaust. But the Blurprint has vanished with the President, with only parts of it known to key experts.

Fromt their headquarters deep under the once-green farmlands of Iowa, the Guardians set out in a desperate search for the most elusive of these experts-the post nuclear agriculture specialist, Dr. Mahalaby. And even with their awesome combat skills they're up against bad odds, for in addition to the armed bands that rule the countryside, Russian saboteurs are filtering down through Alaska...




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