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Guide to the Hunger Games

Written By:Caroline Carpenter - 2012

  • Guide to the Hunger Games - Caroline Carpenter cover


At the end of the world, there is only Panem, a ruined nation where democracy is dead and the Hunger Games—a tournament in which twenty-four desperate teens must fight to the death live on-air—pass for primetime entertainment.

Sadistic though the rules may be, Suzanne Collins' dangerously addictive tales of adventure, intrigue, romance and revenge have left a generation of readers hungry for more. Taking you deeper into the districts than ever before, this enthralling guide features:


An indispensable guide to The Hunger Games trilogy—will you survive without it?

Illuminating profiles of the trilogy's main players

In-depth coverage of the 74th and 75th Hunger Games

Beautiful, original illustrations and detailed maps

Mind-bending quizzes, crosswords and tests to determine your own strategy for winning the Hunger Games

A collection of thought-provoking fact boxes, uncovering the literary and historical sources that inspired Collins' work

Exploring Katniss' incredible transformation from anonymous Seam girl to Mockingjay warrior in full, and covering all the aspects of the trilogy that fans love best—the unofficial, illustrated guide is a must-have for all aspiring tributes.