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Written By:Marjorie Bradley Kellogg - 1991

  • Harmony - Marjorie Bradley Kellogg cover


On a poisoned Earth, where will humankind find its future?


As the planet slowly becomes toxic to all forms of life, the world's great cities turn to dome technology, enclosing themselves in fields of energy and creating their own private ecospheres. But the price of survival is high, and for all who fail to obey the laws, punishment is expulsion Outside, where life is brutal and short. This is a world where Art and culture have been sacrificed and only two citadels of creativity remain. One is the dome town called Harmony, devoted to the perpetuation of the Arts and Artists. The other is Tuamatutetuamatu, a small, undomed island still thriving. Some say it has survived thanks to its native magic, others that it's a fluke of geography. But only when the Artists of an increasingly disharmonious Harmony meet the Tuatuan dance troupe known as the Eye will the truth be known—a truth so revolutionary that it could be far more dangerous to the dome dwellers than the Outside...

From Worldnet/News:

Johannesburg, 05/16/46—Rescue operations were called off after an air and ground search failed to locate two OutCare workers who vanished after leaving their dome on a charity mission. Questioning of Outsiders turned up no clues to the disappearance...

Stockholm, 05/16/46—Open Sky spokes woman Ingrid Hibberd's organization has been increasingly vocal in its criticism of Stockholm's policy toward the local Outsider population. "Open Sky" refers to the members' conviction that doming is unnatural and should be done away with as soon as Outside conditions permit...

Tuamatutetuamatu 05/15/46—Planters Assocation President Imre Deeland was overheard by an alert press when admitted that he had indeed heard stories about the Conch, the mystical hero of the local tribes and a symbol of their resistance to the proposed doming of the island. Mr. Deeland has previously denied all knowledge of the folk hero, despite tribal claims that the Conch actually exists and that his magical powers are being employed in the service of their cause...