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The Hero of Downways

Written By:Michael G. Coney - 1973

  • The Hero of Downways  - Michael G. Coney cover


Clone me courage! Once there was a Hero who confronted the dreaded Daggertooth and slew it. Unfortunately he was also slain by it - but the legend persisted. If it could be done once, then another Hero could be raised to do it again. Because the Daggertooth was dangerous to hibernating humanity. All people - all that anyone knew of - lived far underground in tunnels built for safety and hibernation. The Daggertooth was a mass killer - more so even than the hideous Oddlies, the outcasts of the darker tunnels. So this is the story of John-A, the "vatkid" who was trained to be a second hero. And the story of "trukid" Shirl who taught John-A what to do. And Threesum, the Oddlies' leader, who scoffed at heroes. And the Elders who frowned at all the risky goings-on. This is the story of a mighty strange world and a mighty strange future...a gascinating experience in science fiction projection by the talented author of MIRROR IMAGE and FRIENDS COME IN BOXES.