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Hero's Walk

Written By:Robert Crane - 1954

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IT HAD COME—the dreaded bombardment from outer space. The mysterious voices had warned Earth; but ambition and vanity had driven a few powerful men to disregard the warnings. Now Neil Harrison of InterCos (the UN of the future) had to make his way through the frightening streets of New York to meet the girl who waited for him. During that walk through the frightening bomb-lit dark, the drama of the future world (and of much of today's, too) is revealed in a moving and truly unusual narrative.


An extraordinary novel of the future and one man's strange triumph

Hero's Walk is the first science-fiction novel by Robert Crane. It will take its place among the most important of recent years.

In the imaginative and intelligent tradition of Childhood's End, this first novel by Robert Crane takes you with overwhelming conviction into a future that you will recognize.

Because that future America is simply our world—with all its virtues and defects—carried forward some decades and intensified. It's called InterCos now, not the U.N.; the threat is not from behind the Iron Curtain, but from beyond the stars; but men are visionary and short-sighted; they push the world to the brink of destruction and then fight valiantly to save it.

Neil Harrison works for InterCos. On the night of the bombing from outer space, he has a date to meet Libby Hewes. There is no way to telephone her. She will be as worried about him as he is about her. He must go to her. And through the frightening blackout and bombing, he walks.

During the walk we see everything that brought the earth to its present state, unfolded in a drama of dimension and high relevance. In the person of Neil Harrison, we all walk forward through the Valley of the Shadow in search of believable hope.