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Hiero's Journey

Written By:Sterling E. Lanier - 1973

  • Hiero's Journey - Sterling E. Lanier cover


In a holocaust world of strange beasts and savage men, he rode forth. As fantastic a chronicle as Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings

That the death may never come again!

Per Hiero Desteen. Priest. Telepath. Trained killer.

He rode out on a perilous quest into a world at the end of the time—inhabited by shadowy forces, sudden terrors, violent death... by weird, mutated beasts man had no name for... by the Leemutes—animals with human intelligence manipulated by the antilife Dark Brotherhood.

His mission: to discover the lost secret of the ancients in time to save humanity from destruction. His one weapon: the human mind!


Hiero in Peril!

Into her mind like a flood came Hiero! But there was no greeting, no warmth, only commands!

Quick, girl, where are you? Try to tell me what this place looks like from the sea if you can imagine it. And hurry! There was a pause. I am pursued; I cannot keep this mind path open for long. Hurry!

Luchare was terrified. She had wanted so much to help, but now she was unable to even think. Anything she thought might kill Hiero, if the information were incorrect.

Wait, she sent clumsily. I will try. We are less than a day's journey east from where you were taken. Offshore is a lone rock, with two palms growing at the east end. The rock is high in the west, low to the east. Behind it is a small cove with a beach. We are there.

That's enough! snapped Hiero. No more until you see me or they will use you. Don't send any more messages until you actually see me, understand! Now wait!


"The author is a master... he has created his unique milieu with loving care, puts hero Hiero through his paces with mounting suspense." —Publishers Weekly




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