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The Godwhale

Written By:T J Bass - 1973

  • The Godwhale  - T J Bass cover


She was a cyborg... part-organic whale, part-mechanized ship

Rorqual Maru was her name. She was a harvester—a vast plankton rake without a crop, abandoned by Earth Society when the seas died.

Well over 600 feet long, a marvelously complex combination of biology and mechanics, she had been left to rot in the dead and sterile sea.

But the sea was no longer dead and Rorqual Maru had lived. The giganic organism moved, bearing on her back a small island of palms and shrubs, acquired over the inactive centuries. Mankind was about to be served—

But mankind had forgotten all about Rorqual and her kind...


As the sand covered her great disc-like eyes, darkening her world, Rorqual wept for her lost, irretrievable, wasted years. She loved mankind, she needed to serve. But she was useless now. Her sisters had quietly sunk, littering the bottom with their skeletons.

But Rorqual selected an island for her grave, hoping to keep her carcass visible for salvage.

For she believed Man still lived in his Hive. She longed to feel his bare feet on the skin of her decks. She needed man.

And then the miracle happened; the seas grew life again. And Rorqual, moving ponderously, began the long, long search that would set her definitively at war with mankind...




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