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Half Past Human

Written By:T J Bass - 1970

  • Half Past Human - T J Bass cover


Awakening to manhood is deadly when your whole world is watching...

Get yourself a female!

It was a direct order.

Tinker was a Good Citizen of the hive, he had no choice. The time had come to give up his neuter status and become polarized. The Big Earth Society wanted Tinker to mate.

But no one had prepared Tinker for sexual activation, nor for a woman like Mu Ren. From that moment on, Tinker was no longer a Good Citizen of the hive. Suddenly Tinker knew he wanted more. He wanted out.

Tinker had become a man...


Rebel with a cause

The directive had been simple: Birth permit, polarization, finding someone who loved him enough to carry his child free. Tinker had followed all the instructions. Tinker knew what it meant to be a good hive-dweller.

But Tinker didn't know that he and his woman shared rebel genes... that when the time came he would not give up his unauthorized child.

Then his secret receiver began getting messages from the forbidden Outside... and Tinker knew he would risk more than his life in a hellish nightmare for an impossible dream...




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