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A Cat of Silvery Hue

Written By:Robert Adams - 1979

  • A Cat of Silvery Hue  - Robert Adams cover



And in the far-distant future, in the war-torn lands once known as the United States of America, all that remains are scattered tribes like the Horseclans and city-states ruled by the Ehleenee, the decadent practitioners of an ancient religion.

Led by Lord Milo the Undying One, a twentieth-century mutant gifted with immortality, the men of the Horseclans are slowly reuniting the continent through the strength of their swords and their very special mental talents. Yet the Ehleenee, too, have dreams of power—dreams that have led them into a full-scale religious war of conquest. To overcome these fanatical marauders, Lord Milo must call upon his very best; for only with the aid of men like Bili Morguhn, whose skill with axe, sword, and mind control makes him a natural clan leader, can Milo hope to contain the menace of the Ehleenee rebels and save civilization from destruction...


A Steel-tipped rain of death

Everything had been going almost too well. The army was scarcely two days' march from Vawnpolis and soon Lord Milo would be commencing the siege of that ill-fated city with the aid of such able commanders as Bili Morguhn. Perhaps that was why the rearguard was not as alert as it should have been. Even Captain Gaib Lihnstahk wasn't worried when he caught sight of a new body of mounted men approaching—not until he heard the first shouts of fear and alarm, saw the first flight of shafted death arching upward from the nearest cover...

Then there was not time for thought but only for action. He swung up on his mount, roaring at the bugler to sound "To The Colors" and calling to the color-bearer and noncoms, "Follow me!" Then, realizing they had not seen what was happening, he yelled, "Sun and Wind, lower your visors and clear your steel; we're under attack!"


"Among the best adventure stories." —Andre Norton

Signet is proud to present Robert Adams' Horseclans books, a rousing, adventure-filled series in the sword-swinging tradition of Conan.




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