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Champion of the Last Battle

Written By:Robert Adams - 1983

  • Champion of the Last Battle - Robert Adams cover


Only one thing stands between the Skohshuns and victory—the deadly challenge of Bili the Axe and his warrior band...


The day of prophecy has come at last—the time for Bili and Prince Byruhn to ralley their troops for the final defense of New Kuhmbuhluhn. But even as the people of the kingdom flock into their great stone city and Bili's warriors take up their posts on the walls, the Skohshuns are building new weapons of destruction to storm the fortress. And within the very castle grounds stalks a creature of nightmare, striking down the defenders one by one in a reign of bloody terror that may prove far more deadly than the enemy at their gates...


The battle raged around Bili as he withdrew his nicked, dull blade—now cloudy with sticky, red blood—from just below the breastplate of a gasping, wide-eyed pikeman. Suddenly, the back of Bili's helmet was struck so hard that the force of the buffet all but drove him to his knees. Staggering slightly, he turned to face a swordsman in three-quarter armor of an alien pattern.

The Skohshun was swinging his sword with both hands and his greater than average strength was evident in the crushing, numbing force of blows. Bili caught and deflected two swordswipes on the face of his blade while fetching his opponent a shrewd buffet in the exposed armpit with the steelshod edge of the buckler. But Bili's much abused blade shattered, leaving him totally weaponless before his enemy's sharp and deadly blade...




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