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The Death of a Legend

Written By:Robert Adams - 1981

  • The Death of a Legend  - Robert Adams cover


Lost in a strange and violent land, can Bili of Morguhn and his warriors escape a sorcerous trap?


When the Witchmen caused the earth to move and called forth the fires from the mountain's inner depths, the Moon Maidens, Ahrmehee, and Thoheek's Bili's troops barely escaped with their lives. Driven by the flames into territory said to be peopled by monstrous half-humans, Bili was forced to choose between braving the dangers of nature gone mad or fighting the savage natives on their own ground. But before he could decide, his troops were spotted by the beings who claimed this eerie land as their own and would use powerful spells of magic and illusion to send any intruders to their doom...



The cat-brother's call came only moments before a creature of ultimate terror poked its huge snout into the vale, flicking a forked tongue as long as a lance shaft before it! The scales which covered every visible inch of its thick body shone the color of blued steel. The one eye Bili could see was as a lancer's targe. Thick as tree trunks were the legs thrusting out from the immense body.

Sighting the knot of horsemen, the beast began to move faster, and Bili, seeing that there was no way to retreat, urged his big black stallion forward to meet this nightmare threat. And just when it seemed to the breathless watchers that their leader would surely ride directly into those cruel, tooth-studded jaws, the black stallion came to a sudden halt. Whirling his thirteen-pound weapon round his head, Bili let go the steel shaft and sent the axe tumbling end over end, praying his aim was true—for at this distance there would be no second chance...




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