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Horses of the North

Written By:Robert Adams - 1985

  • Horses of the North - Robert Adams cover


With clan feud brewing, only a journey to Milo's past can call a halt to bloodshed...


In the evil time after civilization fell apart, the Undying High Lord Milo Morai gathered together as many children as he could save and set about teaching them the laws of survival. Over the centuries, Milo's children wandered the Sea of Grass, fighting and prospering and adding to their numbers until they became the mighty force known as the Horseclans. With time, some of their laws changed or were forgotten but there remained one that must never be broken—"Kindred must not fight Kindred!"

Yet now, clans Linsee and Skaht were on the brink of a bloodfeud that could spread like prairie fire throughout the Horseclans. Could even Milo smother the sparks of hatred before they blazed up to destroy all of the Horseclans?


"Kindred must not fight Kindred!

"That is the law," Milo the Undying Hight Lord of the Horseclan said. "If Skaht kills Linsee, or Linsee, Skaht, both your clans will be driven forth, without weapons, food, horses, or prairie cats, your names will be stricken from all Kindred records, and every warrior of the Horseclans shall become your blood enemy.

"If you do not believe my words, then you must look to the dark times, many years past, and learn for yourselves the truth of what I say. Would you see for yourselves? Then come..."




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