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The Memories of Milo Morai

Written By:Robert Adams - 1986

  • The Memories of Milo Morai  - Robert Adams cover


Ancient treasure and sudden danger await Milo and the Horseclans in the heart of a long dead city...

Ruins from the past, menace to the future...

Milo Morai, the Undying High Lord of the Horseclans, secure in the knowledge that peace had once again come to the Kindred clans, now journeyed with a select band to explore unknown territory. Perhaps days or weeks ahead, Milo would discover an untouched ruin of the Old Ones, a veritable treasure-trove of rare metals and trade goods to enrich the Horseclans.

More than dead ruins awaited Milo and his valiant band of hunters. For on the trail they now rode lurked nightmare creatures hungering for the blood of man. And at the end of the road waited heirs to a legacy of violence which might claim the men and women of the Horseclans as the final victims in a war that should have ended hundreds of years ago...


The jaws of death!

Milo had never seen anything like this beast before. It was as big as a black bear and its jaw were filed with biting, tearing teeth.

This one will come in low to the ground and very fast, he thought. And he had just set himself to stab at the head of the beast when the toothy head and the rest of the creature lunged at him with what seemed the speed of light. His too-high spear blade just slid across the top of the beast's flat head, slashing only the edge of a black ear.

And as he raised his spear again to ward the creature off. Milo felt the sudden burning agony of sharp teeth tearing through the thick leather of his boot and into the flesh of his leg beneath...




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