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The Savage Mountains

Written By:Robert Adams - 1980

  • The Savage Mountains  - Robert Adams cover


Vengeful barbarians and the deadly science of the Witchmen await any who venture into—The Savage Mountains

The army of the confederation is on the move again. For the Undying High Lord Milo Moray is ready to take the next step in his master plan to reunite all the tribes which centuries ago formed a single, powerful nation known as the United States of America.

Before the Confederation forces lie the Armehnee Mountains, the home of the savage tribes that constantly raid the lowlands, bringing with them destruction and death. But Milo's forces are about to face an even more dangerous enemy than the Armehnee. For the Witchmen—twentieth-century scientists who have achieved a kind of immortality by stealing the living bodies of men while destroying their souls—have long been at work in the mountains. And unbeknownst to Milo, his troops are marching into much more trouble than they bargained for—trouble that could spell the end of the Confederation!


When the Earth walks...

On the lip of the smoking fissure known as the Sacred Hoofprint the Witchmen's trap was at last sprung. A small charge exploded, hurling a barrel-sized charge into the fissure. Far it fell, deeper and deeper into the very bowels of the uneasy mountain. And then, unheard by living ear, the charge exploded.

Many leagues away, Bili Morguhn felt a sudden, terrible uneasiness. And when a living carpet of small, scuttling beasts broke out of the woods to rocket downslope over the edge of the plateau, Bili let his instinct guide him. "Mount!" he roared, and had barely followed his own orders when the very earth began to shudder.

"That way!" Bili shouted, pointing to where the animals had disappeared. And as trees crashed around them and boulders shifted, slid, and tumbled, the column sped after Bili in a desperate race to escape the plateau before the entire rocky face dissolved, devouring them in its fall...




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