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Tales of the Horseclans

Written By:Scott B Williams - 1985

  • Tales of the Horseclans - Scott B Williams cover


Ten years ago, in a book entitled The Coming of the Horseclans, a small but doughty group of men, women, warhorses, and prairiecats rode forth to adventure in post-Apocalyptic, twenty-seventh-century America. Since then, in novel after exciting, action-packed novel, the warriors of the Horseclans, led by their Undying High Lord Milo Morai—a twentieth-century mutant Immortal—have fought a never-ending battle to reunited and civilize the scattered peoples of North America. Foe after foe has bowed to defeat and joined in the ongoing crusade to overcome the technological might of Milo's most bitter and deadly enemies—the evil Witchmen. The Witchmen, who have survived over the centuries by stealing other men's bodies to house their own wicked minds, are pledged to one goal... to overthrow the Horseclans Confederation and enslave the world!


"The Horseclasns books are among the best adventure stories." —Andre Norton

"A series I enjoy very much." —Philip Jose Farmer

"One of the best science fiction/fantasy series ever conceived." —Dragon magazine




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