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The Witch Goddess

Written By:Robert Adams - 1982

  • The Witch Goddess  - Robert Adams cover


Can Bili's warriors stand alone against the deadly menace of the Witchmen and the Mountain Savages

Which is Mightier—Science of the Sword?

Stranded in a land peopled by wild cannibal tribes and monstrous half-humans, Bili of Morguhn and his small band of warriors have sworn to aid the mysterious Prince Byruhn of Kuhmbuhluhn in his war against these savages. But even as they train for battle, another force is on the move—the Witchmen, evil scientists led by Dr. Erica Arenstein and armed with weapons far more lethal than any known to the men of the Horseclans. Ben on recovering a twentieth-century technological treasure trove. the Witchmen will destroy anything that stands between them and their goal. And, if Dr. Arenstein can join the power of the Witchmen with the fighting prowess of the cannibalistic Ganik tribes, even Bili's proven warriors may not long survive...


"Lower your blades and back off, or I'll axe you both down!"

Such was the ear-splitting quality of that voice that both warriors stopped their fighting and stared. There, towering over and out-bulking everyone in the room, stood their chosen war leader, Bili the Axe. His eyes were slitted and cold rage blazed out from the narrowed openings. Instinctively, everyone backed off from that glare, knowing that it could only presage violence or death.

"Neither of you sought or received my permission for a duel," Bili grated out. "I should axe you both down where you stand, but since you are new to my command, I will grant you another chance. You both are full-armed and so, too, am I. If you want to shed some blood here, I'll help you shed more than you can afford to lose. Make your decision, do it now!"




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