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Hostage for Hinterland

Written By:Arsen Darnay - 1976

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The urban structures needed helium from the rural tribes to survive—but suddenly the tribesmen were demanding something in return!

Apocalypse from the Hinterland

They rode to the floating urban structure city on horseback, Ecofreak tribesmen in beaded leather suits. Their long hair was braided, their faces tanned; and gilded red Crestmore bibles hung from their belts.

They had come to negotiate with urban leaders for the helium so desperately needed to keep the structures aloft.

At least, that's what everyone thought...

But the truth was that they had come to fulfill a prophecy—a prophecy of death and carnage that would sweep the powerful urban structures from the face of the Earth forever!


A Vision of Doom

Mycal Bono imagined the city of Ricardo falling.

He saw the framework buckle and twist. He saw the great towers sway and split apart, spilling millions of people into the air as the hard outer crust melded with the soft, organic innards.

In his mind's eye he could see people, rubble and machinery tumble to the earth in a rush.

It had taken a thousand years to create the vast union of Structures that now existed. Mycal Bono had just turned thirty, and now it was his job to destroy it all!


A gripping novel of power and politics