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Human Rites

The Life Lottery

Written By:Ian Irvine - 2004

  • The Life Lottery  - Ian Irvine cover


Book 3 of Ian Irvine’s classic eco-thriller trilogy about the consequences of global warming and unstoppable climate change, Human Rites. Irith Hardey’s life is out of control. The world’s climate is in chaos and rising seas have flooded out half a billion people. Hundreds of millions of refugees are pouring into the west, the global economy is collapsing and democracies are being crushed by the anti-refugee Yellow Armbands. But there is worse to come. In a desperate attempt to avert the coming ice age that will wipe out civilisation, the Great Powers have agreed to embark on the most monumental gamble of all time – 100 Days to Save the World. Irith, now a climate scientist, is sure they’ve got it wrong ­– the US President’s pet scheme isn’t going to save the world, but ruin it. Searching for the awful truth behind the 100 Days project, Irith is tormented by the Yellow Armbands, then hunted from blizzard-struck London to the Scottish Highlands and across the wild North Sea.In a USA terrorised by gun-toting militias trying to bring down the President, Irith is forced to confront the worst nightmare any 21st century woman can face, as she struggles to uncover the ghastly secret of the Life Lottery before 100 days are up.




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