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The Hunger Games Tribute Guide

Written By:Emily Seife - 2012

  • The Hunger Games Tribute Guide  - Emily Seife cover


Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come...

Welcome to Panem's seventy-fourth hunger games.

Here is the ultimate guide to the twenty-four tributes participating in Panem's seventy-fourth annual Hunger Games. Follow the tributes' journey from the reaping to the Games, with an exclusive look at all the highlights along the way—the trip to the Capitol, the Tribute Parade, the stations of the Training Center, and the interviews with Caesar Flickerman. Plus you'll find profiles of President Snow and Seneca Crane, portraits of each tribute, and detailed information on each district's industry. This unique guide to the tributes contains never-before-seen photos and quotes from the film, and is a must-have for any Hunger Games fan.