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Hungry City Chronicles

Infernal Devices

Written By:Philip Reeve - 2005

  • Infernal Devices - Philip Reeve cover


  • Infernal Devices - Philip Reeve cover

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NEARLY TWENTY YEARS after the city of Anchorage settled down on the shores of the Dead Continent of America, Tom and Hester are leading quiet, peaceful lives. Their wild adventures happened so long ago that they seem like little more than stories told to children—children such as their own daughter, Wren, who is so exquisitely bored that she'd welcome any sore of excitement...

So when a trio of Lost Boys asks her to steal the mysterious and deadly Tin Book of Anchorage, Wren is only too happy to help. But the theft goes wrong, and the Lost Boys steal Wren, too, leaving Tom and Hester no choice: They must abandon their peaceful life and rescue their daughter. Their search will ask of them sacrifices that no parent can make, and will cost one of them everything that matters most.

Import - Paperback

Anchorage is now a static settlement—a sleepy, hidden secret, full of children who never knew the hard times. Like Wren Natsworth, Tom and Hester's daughter. Wren is fifteen, and eager for excitement. So when the Lost Boys turn up searching for the mysterious Tin Book, Wren's sure that her adventure has arrived.

But before another day is out, Wren will find herself a captive, then a slave, and then the bait that leads Tom and Hester back into perilous waters...


Import - Paperback

By the award-winning author of MORTAL ENGINES "a fantastic read... thrilling" Guardian

"among the most ingenious and entertaining fiction of recent years... sparkling, brilliantly paced" —TES

"the third but (hooray!) not the last of his mind-bogglingly well-imagined sagas" —Independent




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