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Warriors of the Wasteland

Written By:Douglas Hill - 1983

  • Warriors of the Wasteland - Douglas Hill cover


Continues the saga of Finn Ferral the outsider, which began with The Huntsman.

Accompanied by the mighty Bloodkin, Baer—created by the evil slavers and now their sworn enemy—Finn Ferral continues his quest to free his family from Earth's alien masters. During his search, Finn learns more about the aliens' inhuman experiments... and the terrible truth that he, too, is a creation of the Slavers.

Betrayed by the renegade People of The Gorge, who serve a being known as The Claw, Finn and Baer flee westwards into the Wastelands. There, they find strange new allies—and Finn realizes that escape is not the answer—he and the brave warriors of the wasteland must turn and make a stand against the coming of The Claw.




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