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The Ice People

Written By:Rene Barjavel - 1968

  • The Ice People  - Rene Barjavel cover


Enclosed in a golden sphere buried deep in the Antarctic ice, are the bodies of a man and a woman. They are young, healthy, perfectly preserved, lone survivors of a superior civilization that existed 900,000 years ago.

But as they are awakened from their frozen sleep by anxious scientists and the women recounts the life of their idyllic prehistoric world, a strange inexorable nightmare begins...


"Has been compared to the works of Voltaire, Jules Vernes, and Isaac Asimov... A fantastic story!" —Best Sellers

The thrilling novel of a love born in a utopian ice eden—and thrust into the frightening world of the future...

"Comparable in message to Shute's On the Beach, in poetic imagery to the writing of Ray Bradbury, and in literary quality and appeal to both. Old fashioned, romantic science-fiction." —Library Journal

"Exciting fantasy" —America