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Ice Prophet

A Darkness Upon the Ice

Written By:William R. Forstchen - 1985

  • A Darkness Upon the Ice  - William R. Forstchen cover


For 2000 years Mankind had returned to the Middle Ages. If Ormson was defeated it might never progress...

The End of the Beginning

His armies of Companions had taken Cornath's capital. His suicidal ramfleets had swept Cornath's fleet from the world-girdling Ice. But Michael Ormson—called by some the Ice Prophet—had not brought relief to the common people, and his officers were making powerful enemies.

Soon Ormson would be fighting for his life—and the outcome would decide whether Mankind would forever be prisoner to the Forces which had condemned Galileo millennia ago...


To the Manner Born

The seven-year-old slowly raised his head to examine the new presence in his life.

Only long training prevented Nathan from revealing his shock. There was so much of Micheal Ormson in the child—Thoman was pale and slender, with a high forehead and blond, nearly white hair. But his eyes were the eyes of an old man who had seen too much. Like his father's they were of two different colors—one pale blue, the other a dark steel gray.

"Who are you?" Thomas asked while his small hands pushed the game pieces into position.

"My name is Nathan. I am to be your bodyguard and trainer."

"Trainer in what?"

"Dueling with weapons and defense against attack."

"Will you teach me to kill?"




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