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Ice Prophet

The Flame Upon the Ice

Written By:William R. Forstchen - 1984

  • The Flame Upon the Ice  - William R. Forstchen cover


His enemies had pinpointed the Prophet's weakness; but to exploit it might destroy them all...

Sowing the wind...

Michael Ormson—called the Prohpet—revolutionized Icewar, and his ramfleets destroyed armadas that had terrorized the frozen seas for two thousand years.

The Cornathian Brotherhoods knew they must act soon against Michael, for his forces daily grew more powerful, and the enlightened message his agents spread could only lead to revolt.

But Ormson lived in an impregnable fortress on a small island guarded by awesome fleets, fanatical armies, and diabolical ice traps. Somehow the brotherhoods would have to lure him onto the ice—then make him mad enough to chase them...


The specters of fear

"Go back," a voice whispered softly. "It is not yet time. Go back."

He looked to the shadows and another form drifted from the swirling darkness. "Who are you?" Michael whispered.

It started to turn. "Michael," the spririt said, "where were you to protect them?"

The shadows started to draw away, into the darkness of night.

"Wait!" he cried.

The apparitions stopped, turned. Their faces were no longer human—dark, skull like eyes peered out at him. He felt his sanity drifting away. Suddenly he recognized the images, and he screamed...




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