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Ice Prophet

Ice Prophet

Written By:William R. Forstchen - 1983

  • Ice Prophet - William R. Forstchen cover


Michael Ormson was The One of the prophecy... But by whom was he chosen?

The last great hope

For millennia after the Accident, Earth lay cold and still, its small population punished by the dismal climate, harried by plague, and impoverished by frequent bloody wars.

Then, unexpectedly, the oppressed had reason to hope, for a leader stalked the frozen seas with great ice fleets and new ideas... In terrible battles he vanquished the forces of tyranny and brought the promise of renewal to an otherwise miserable world.

But nothing was quite as it seemed—either to Michael Ormson or to his followers...



With maniacal fury Michael cut his way through the crowd. Casting aside his shield, he grasped the giant's head and held it aloft. Then he screamed savagely and slashed at the man before him. The lifeless eyes of their leader looked out at the Ezrians—and they fell back before his gaze.

Michael was the instrument of war now, and the backs of his enemies so enraged him that he drove after them, hurling the head at their retreating forms. Along the length of the wall they ran, while the sound of gunfire swelled in the distance. Suddenly a shadow fell from above and crashed into him. Michael's thoughts fled and he tumbled into darkness...




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