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Written By:Arnold Federbush - 1978

  • Ice! - Arnold Federbush cover


In one hour the fate of the entire world will be sealed in Ice!

A chilling, terrifying novel of ultimate disaster

The North Pole moves to New York as Unexpected disaster strikes in Ice!

Two young people in love, Mark and Karen, battle for survival in a world that has become hell frozen over... New York buried under the New Ice Age... The Big Freeze swirling wild, dangerous winds across the Arctic oceans... across the Humboldt Glacier... In a flash it grows, creeps outward, gathers force, becomes gigantic, imperils the world. How long can people survive? IS THIS THE WAY THE WORLD ENDS... BURIED IN ICE?



The only sound is the wind howling down through man-made canyons.

The snow is piled four and five stories high. The city seems totally dead now...

Yet there is life...

Under the leadership of a woman, a meager band struggles to survive in the city...

Packs of wild dogs roam through the blinding white snow... circling the survivors.

The trick is not to kill the savage beasts, but to catch them, tame and train them to pull the dog sleds you have built so painfully.

Do whatever you can to exist... to live another day.