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Written By:Cheryl Gray - 2002

  • Immune - Cheryl Gray cover


The New World Order of the early nineteen-eighties, that had begun so frantically, caused worldwide chaos, and now, was gone without as much as a whimper. People did not inherit a dark future created by nuclear war, or a mutant population created by a pandemic, but a drug controlled future of personal peace, contentment, and tranquility. People lead serene lives with little consciousness beyond that of personal well-being. Life is simple, while pollution, toxic waste, tobacco, alcohol, and sex, are unknown. Universal contentment is the way of life, except for the 2% of the populace who are Immune to the drugs’ effects. Mayton Rude, a small town medical doctor suffers from recurring nightmares and awakes more driven than ever to solve his bizarre dream. He is unaware that his late grandfather implanted the sequence in his subconscious to lead him to his ultimate destiny.