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Into Wild Places

Written By:Robert Hoppensteadt - 1999

  • Into Wild Places - Robert Hoppensteadt cover


In the area between the ruins of San Francisco´s skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge, the town of Fesh has sprung up around the fortress Cul-Dara, and there has been peace and prosperity for several hundred years. Here the Women´s Council controls the government and Cul Guard, while Hunters, under their Patriarch, protect the citizens from monstrous carnivores that roam the land and sea. The Hunters are also responsible for keeping away raiders and slavers who ply the coastal waters, as well as the outcasts called Non that live in the interior marsh.

One day, as Fesh is filling up with revelers for the autumn Equinal Games, a Non warrior is captured in the ruins. Forced to make a choice, he divulges an alliance that threatens to devastate the town and everyone in it. This sets in motion a chain of events that will keep you turning the pages one by one, until the story is told.