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The Iron Dream

Written By:Norman Spinrad - 1972

  • The Iron Dream  - Norman Spinrad cover


What if Hitler wrote science fiction?

Europe is overrun with mutants, pawns of the Dominators of Zind. Everywhere psychic undercover agents are transforming Truemen into traitors. Even Heldon, the human citadel, is being infiltrated by Doms...

Only a man of giant stature can protect Heldon from the humanoid hordes.

Such a Trueman is Feric Jagger. Wielding the Great Truncheon of Held, he embarks on a titanic struggle to restore the golden age of human power around the world—and throughout the embattled universe...

Two mighty races locked in combat...

The true human genotype was fighting the Dominator mutation for nothing less than sole mastery of the universe.

The blood enemy that covered Feric Jaggar and his men united them in heroic battle. Every advance was a step toward the goal of an earth ruled by tall, blond Truemen. Every humanoid that fell beneath Helder truncheons was one less diseased cell in the body of the world gene pool.

What was the life of any man compared to the triumph of the sacred cause?


Adolf Hitler's classic bestseller of future genetic warfare. "Exciting and Tense." —Michael Moorcock

"Disturbingly fascinating... the stunned reader can only gasp in wonder." —Harlan Ellison

"If Wagner wrote science fiction, this is the way he would do it." —Harry Harrison