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In Iron Years

Written By:Gordon R. Dickson - 1980

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Things Which are Caesar's

Humanity awaited a sign from the Almighty... but what sign could he expect from man?


Mankind could spread to the stars—but there was no knowing if the world of their birth would ever take them back.

In Iron Years

To be human means to survive—but the survive for something

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More great fiction by this year's Hugo and Nebula nominee!


It was ironic, after all the promises of worldwide nuclear destruction and such, that the world had actually died with a whimper after all. All the prosaic, predictable things, but reinforcing each other, had come to a head to once.

First there had come the large breakdowns—of the international economy, then of the national economy, then of local economies. Then, following economic systems into chaos, had gone the systems of world trade, of food production and other necessary supplies. Law and order had struggled for a while and gone down in the maelstrom. Cities became battlefields of the dead left by riot and revolution. Isolated communities developed into small, primitive, self-fortified territories. And the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were abroad once more.

It was a time of bloodletting, of a paring down of the population to those with the patterns for survival under fang-and-claw conditions. A new medievalism was upon the globe. The iron years had come again...

Nine fine stories from the creator of the Dorsai... Gordon R. Dickson