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Judge Dredd The Mega-City One Archives

Volume III: Lawbreakers

Written By:August Hahn - 2010

  • Volume III: Lawbreakers - August Hahn cover


The streets of Mega-City One are a dark and violent place. In the 22nd Century the rules of society have broken down and a new order has arisen to take control. Enter the Judges —empowered to apprehend miscreants and sentence them on the spot. In a hard world, the Judges have to be harder still. It may be brutal system but it is the only thing that works.

What you will hold in your hands is a collection of lore related to the Justice Department and the citizens it protects — often from themselves. These volumes will detail the world of the Judges as never before — if it drives, shoots, breathes, sprawls or hides in the shadows of Mega-City One, you will find it in this comprehensive collection.

Every hero needs a villain, and Mega-City One has more than its fair share. This tome details the baddest, meanest, and just plain nastiest perps ever to trouble the city, with a complete rendition of their crimes and atrocities. From the Angel Gang to P J Maybe, Lawbreakers feature inside information and glossy artwork throughout.




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