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Judge Dredd

Swine Fever

Written By:Amdrew Cartmel - 2005

  • Swine Fever - Amdrew Cartmel cover


Judge Dredd prepares for his weirdest case yet! In the mad futuristic Mega-City One, pork has been banned in the face of super-intelligent pigs demanding equal rights. Yet someone is still making bacon and it's up to Dredd to find out who, before his new partner is turned into sausages!


Trotters. Curly tail. Large, pointed, hypersensitive ears. Refusing to believe what her mind was telling her, Psi-Judge Zandonella opened her eyes again and looked around at the big room full of red light. She was seeing the room from about a metre above floor level. That was the height of her head, as she stood here on her four trotters, her little tail testing the air behind her.

Gradually, like sipping a viciously bitter medicine, Zandonella let the truth trickle into her mind: the appalling, unavoidable, awful truth.

She had jumped into a new body all right. A body that should by now have been covered in the oily sweat of fear.

But pigs don't sweat.


Action, thrills and dark humour abound in the latest Judge Dredd novel, when the citizens of Mega City One realise that all those tasty rashers and pork chops are going to get their revenge!




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