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Judgment Day

Written By:Jane Jensen - 2000

  • Judgment Day - Jane Jensen cover


For thousands of years, sacred texts have predicted the end of the world. The prophets have always proved false. Until now. For in a small Mexican village, people flock from all over the planet to witness a miraculous visitation. But twenty-four of them receive a message that is far more personal . . . and horrific: the Day of Judgment is at hand.

Father Michele Deauchez, sent by the Vatican to investigate, finds his faith shaken to the core. New York Times reporter Simon Hill smells a Pulitzer in the making. Especially when the portents foretold in the Book of Revelations begin to come true, one by one.

The end of the world. Is it a case of mass hysteria . . . a devious, far-reaching plot . . . or has God truly spoken?