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The Last Book in the Universe

Written By:Rodman Philbrick - 2000

  • The Last Book in the Universe  - Rodman Philbrick cover


The last book in the universe is about to be destroyed.

Noboby around here reads anymore. Why bother, when you can just use a mindprobe needle and shoot all the images and excitement straight into your brain? I've heard of books, but they were long before I was born, in the backtimes before the Big Shake, when everything supposedly was perfect, and everybody lived rich. Before the city was divided into latches. Before bangers ran the latch, and proovs ruled the world.

Personally, I doubt the backtimes ever existed. It's like a story you tell to make yourself feel better. As if having a past makes the future somehow worth believing in.

But in real life, nobody comes to your rescue.

Believe me, I know.

Then I met the old gummy they called Ryter, who had a lot of crazy, wonderful ideas. Together we tried to change the world.

This is our story.


In this fast-paced novel filled with drama and suspense, Rodman Philbrick presents a dangerous future and a young hero who embarks on a quest to break through the boundaries of the terrifying world he lives in.

Both chilling and inspiring, the story is ultimately about those who have the courage to become conscious in a world that instead invites us to choose illusion and denial. Here is a powerful tale of love, loss, and the challenges we all face to make thoughtful, moral choices.