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The Last Day

Written By:Glenn Kleier - 1997

  • The Last Day  - Glenn Kleier cover


The final week of 1999 draws to a close. Billions prepare for the inevitable let-down. Billions more hold their breath. Will the wild fantasies of New Age zealots be realized and the world we khow end? Will the dawn of a new era be marked by profound occurrences? Or will it be just another New Year's Eve turning into one more New Year's Day?

Suddenly and terrifyingly, everyone's question is answered. On Christmas Eve, fiery destruction rains down on a secret scientific installation in the Negev desert. Then, at midnight on New Year's Eve, a beautiful young woman appears, displaying a strange and awesome gift.

The extraordinary powers of this ethereal creature foster both jubilation and alarm. Drawn into the most intimate bond of all is Jon Feldman, seasoned TV correspondent. An inveterate skeptic, Feldman finds himself caught in the woman's spell even as others argue that she is a Trojan Horse, come to wreck devastation on humanity. Forced to confront his deepest fears as he simultaneously probes a conspiracy at the outermost limits of bioengineering, Feldman will find what he seeks—in a single heartbeat that could end his life and that will forever alter his very being.


"Provocative, insightful, devilishly entertaining." —Larry Collins

"One of the most intriguing tales of the decade." —Clive Cussler

"Starts fast and roars to a spellingbinding finish." —Peter Hernon

Brilliantly conceived, breathtakingly executed, this is the bok that will have millions reading and everyone talking. Prepare yourself. In the arena of the apocalyptic science thriller, this is the last word.

A triumph of suspense, imagination, and cutting-edge science, THE LAST DAY provokes impassioned questions about our most cherished beliefs—and delivers a thriller of the highest order.