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The Last Gallon

Written By:William Belanger - 2013

  • The Last Gallon  - William Belanger cover


The car was lovingly nicknamed the Armadillo. It was a fitting name as the car bristled with armor.

America has become the kind of place that required a car like the Armadillo. It was a rough and uninviting place if you ventured outside the comfort of your assigned quarters in the city.

The cities of the northeast are run by the largest gas and oil company on earth. They lord over their citizens in the most ruthless fashion. The people are slaves to their employers and the addictions they are forced to keep.

The Stewart's are just trying to survive. Mark was a new courier and it was his job to make sure his employers goods were delivered promptly and safely. His packages could range from a document to human cargo. One package was so intriguing the family could not resist opening it. It will change their lives and the world they know.