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The Last Gasp

Written By:Trevor Hoyle - 1983

  • The Last Gasp  - Trevor Hoyle cover


When the Air Thins the World Dies

Something in the Air

It began with the Tokyo Alert—men, women and children collapsing on the street, gasping through blackened lips for the world's most vital resource: air.

The first lung-crushing attack of oxygen starvation is a terrible accident. Man-made pollution has poisoned the oceans and eaten through a crucial link in the planet's life support system. The seas which recycle the world's air have reached saturation point and now the supply is running out, fast.

From the police-clamped Soviet bloc and the corrupt research institues of America a breakaway group of men and women tries to stop the death machine, to halt the conflict which will be no accident as the superpowers build up for the battle which will kill the world: ENVIROMENTAL WAR!



Carbon dioxide continues to build up in the atmosphere—over the last century 140 billion tons of carbon dioxide has been discharged into the atmosphere...

By the year 2000 the Russians estimate that there will be a reduction in the freshwater discharge into the Arctic Ocean of about five per cent...

Scientists believe that by diverting the flow of the rivers Yenisei and Ob entire Arctic Ocean will become ice free and sea level will rise all around the world...

The world's forests are being chopped down by an acre a second...

No reduction in the oxygen content of the atmosphere has been detected anywhere in the world—YET!