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Last Legacy

The Orborgon

Written By:Grace Chetwin - 1999

  • The Orborgon  - Grace Chetwin cover


2047 AD. Earth is finished. Through an elderly leader of a sect based in Europe, come visions of a planet, Phrynis, and an alien human race - and the offer of safe harbor. The offer is followed by clips from the planet's past, beamed through the Hesikastor's mind. While the tales unfold, the race is on to get the means to find and reach that distant Eden. On Phrynis, King is Emperor. Gar, Torc's brother, has wreaked havoc across the Known World, bringing about a Dark Age. At its peak , a woman is born in a remote settlement. For years, she harbors a secret which will bring about her execution should the Fend folk find it out. They do, she does, and therein lies Book II.




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