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Last Ranger

The Madman's Mansion

Written By:Craig Sargent - 1986

  • The Madman's Mansion  - Craig Sargent cover


In post-nuclear America, he alone dares to challenge the reign of terror...

Martin Stone is The Last Ranger America's Last Home in America's Darkest Age

A third world war had left America a lawless and battered land. But amid the pillage and heartless killing, one brave young man has become America's last hope for justice and freedom...

Martin Stone is on his way to Vernal, Utah. There, sitting atop a mountain plateau, is the fortress of "the dwarf"—the power-hungry crippled fanatic who rules the evil empire that has replaced legitimate government after the war. Now called the "Last Resort," this one-time luxury hotel has become a true Sodom and Gomorrah for all the high-rolling perverts and murderers of America... and is defended by an army of madman released from mental asylums at the dwarf's order.

The Last Ranger has a special reason for wanting to penetrate this den of iniquity. He knows his sister April is there, kidnapped by the dwarf's henchmen—and about to be sold into white slavery...


Welcome to the Last Resort

"We offer incomparable services—of every kind. Food, alcohol, sex, drugs," Stone's guide recited in bored tones. "Gambling rooms are on levels 17-20, drinking and drug rooms, 15 and 16, sex and orgy rooms are on 10-14. The death games run from 5-9, and the standard sports and recreations are on main floor to fourth. Girls, boys and transsexuals can be ordered at any time for private pleasure in your own rooms. Merely pick up the phone by your bed and specify your request. Please have sex, age, and other vital information ready when placing your order."

Suddenly Stone tripped on the curved walkway. While the guide waited impatiently, he looked down and started. It was a body, a woman—naked and covered with blood on her face and chest She had been mutilated, horribly...




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