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Last Rangers, The

The Crime Zone

Written By:Jake Davis - 1993

  • The Crime Zone  - Jake Davis cover


High-Tech Lawmen in the Texas of 2035 A.D.!

Second in the Electrifying New Action Series

The ozone is almost gone. So is freedom...

Welcome to Texas, 2035 A.D.

Devastated by earthquakes and toxic waste, the Lone Star State is ripe for crime—and rotten to the core. Cybernetic outlaws are building themselves a new home, a fortress, a vast empire of death and decay. All enemies are killed. Or worse.

Enter Alamo Smith. The last Texas Ranger. A man who remembers justice. A man who leads the fight against this high-tech army of half-human destroyers.

It's the human half that is evil. And it's the human half he plans to kill.

The Texas Rangers Are Back—With A Vengeance.


The Cyborg Was Upon Him...

The right claw gaped open, the inner edges of its twinned pincers bristling with sharp, sawtoothed edges.

The mechanical crab lunged at Smith's neck. If those pincers closed around his neck and squeezed, they would lop off his head like scissors snipping a flower off its stalk.

Smith ducked, and the crab claw missed.

Raging with frustration, Horrorhands pursued, bashing and slashing...

Smith drew, pointed, and fired his air pellet gun.

He shot the cyborg in the eye.

The rubber bullet could put an eye out, could kill a normal man at this close range, if fired into the right spot.

Not Horrorhands.

The Last Rangers

"One riot, one Ranger."—Motto of the legendary Texas Rangers, world's best crimefighters. But now it's A.D. 2035—a savage world of battle machines, beam weapons, and high-tech avengers.

Hidden in a cave is the secret base of the last Rangers. For years they've been gathering their powers for the coming struggle. Alamo Smith, champion of lost causes, is the first of their new breed of peacekeepers: a cyber-crusader—a one-man riot squad on a hellbent quest for justice.




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