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Last Rangers, The

Destination: Showdown

Written By:Jake Davis - 1992

  • Destination: Showdown - Jake Davis cover


High-tech lawmen in the Texas of 2035 A.D.!

Crime. Torture. Radiation...

Welcome to Texas, 2035 A.D.

The great state of Texas has been ravaged by disaster, both natural and toxic. In the wake of future shock, lawman and outlaw are one and the same. The urban overlords have perfected the art of techno-torture-and their powerful Interrogation Center can extract information from the minds of any subject...

Their latest discovery: NIMBUS, an underground operation led by former Texas Ranger Alamo Smith, a freedom fighter determined to crush the new order.

The last ranger has been exposed. The final battle begins...


Slaughtered... by a one-man army

Smith stayed low, dropping to one knee. Bullets passed overhead, missing him.

The command post personnel were mostly technicians, button pushers and scope watchers. Armed combat, up close and personal, wasn't their style.

Their defense was weak, but even if it had been strong, the outcome would have been the same. Lightly armed troops cannot stand against a battlesuiter with a burner assault rifle.

Smith took no chances. He made his kills via head shots.

It wasn't a fight, it was a massacre. Some fought bravely, some broke and ran, some froze in fear. All died...

"One riot, one Ranger."—Motto of the legendary Texas Rangers, world's best crimefighters. But now it's A.D. 2035—a savage world of battle machines, beam weapons, and high-tech avengers.

Hidden in a cave is the secret base of the last Rangers. For years they've been gathering their powers for the coming struggle. Alamo Smith, champion of lost causes, is the first of their new breed of peacekeepers: a cyber-crusader—a one-man riot squad on a hellbent quest for justice.


The Final Chapter in the Explosive Series!

The Electrifying Conclusion!




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