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Last Rangers, The

The Last Rangers

Written By:Jake Davis - 1992

  • The Last Rangers  - Jake Davis cover


High-tech lawmen in the Texas of 2035 A.D.!

Devastated by cataclysms of nature. Ravaged by scavengers. Crushed by high-tech crime lords.

Welcome to Texas, 2035 A.D.

Once there was peace and justice in the great state of Texas. There were men of glory who served and protected the law. The toughest, the proudest, the greatest crime fighters in the world, they were the Texas Ranger...

But the twenty-first century has spawned a new breed of criminal: a organized gang of marauders armed with state-of-the-art weapons.

It has also spawned a new breed of lawman: an underground rebel force of high-tech avengers on a hell-bent quest for justice.

The Texas Ranges are back—with a vengeance.


Future Manhunter

An unknown avenger stalks the crime lords of 21st-century Texas. He is armed to kill and armored to survive. No public enemy is safe from his instant justice.

Gangland's top enforcer heads the search for the stranger, unaware that his own murderous past holds the secret to the mystery. Many must die before the truth is known at the final showdown...

The Last Rangers

"One riot, one Ranger." —Motto of the legendary Texas Ranger, world's best crimefighters. But now it's A.D. 2035—a savage world of battle machines, beam weapons, and high-tech avengers.

Hidden in a cave is the secret base of the last Rangers. For years they've been gathering their powers for the coming struggle. Alamo Smith, champion of lost causes, is the first of the new breed of peacekeepers: a cyber-crusader—a one-man riot squad on a hellbent quest for justice.




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